Effectiveness in Focus

Posted by Brian McCarthy on June 13, 2017

Today’s workplaces are full of people running in different directions. Getting busy with much activity, ending their day with little to show for it all. Lack of focus drains leader-managers’...


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Can Training Fix Bad Management?

Posted by Allison Christilaw on May 30, 2017


Employees leave managers, not organizations. In fact, 50% of them do. But how do you turn a bad manager into a good one? Train them on how to be better, right? Nope – training rarely sticks....


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Is Your Team Aligned for Success?

Posted by Doug Emerson on May 11, 2017


One of the most common reasons for business failure is lack of team alignment. Leader-Managers can set out brilliant strategic objectives. But without clear direction on how these translate into...


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Are Performance Reviews Dead?

Posted by Sandy Lee on April 27, 2017


Traditional performance reviews have moved far off the mark in growing, engaging and retaining talent. The entrenched practice is too focused on a one, maybe two times per year sit down with a...


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The Quest for The Best Management Style

Posted by Doug Emerson on April 13, 2017


We believe there is no optimum management style. To gain respect and buy-in from your team, different situations call for different behaviors. Through situational sensitivity, effective...


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Are You Accountable? For What, You Ask.

Posted by Allison Christilaw on April 7, 2017

Accountability is a cornerstone of any successful organization. When ownership is not clear, projects stall. Blame becomes rampant resulting in conflict and a disengaged workforce. Clear...


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The Busyness Trap

Posted by Sandy Lee on March 23, 2017

Effectiveness is a term largely misrepresented, and hence misunderstood. Take the “busy” professional - they look good, work long hours, deliver fast. These are well-valued traits by any...


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Effectiveness and Role Clarity

Posted by Brian McCarthy on March 15, 2017

Many workplace management activities are often confused for productivity. Someone may appear to be productive when in fact they are just busy with activities, or ‘inputs’. Real effectiveness is...


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Are You a Leader-Manager?

Posted by Doug Emerson on February 27, 2017

We coined the phrase “Leader-Manager” because we strongly believe that anyone who leads a team needs to have the skills to be both. A leader sets direction, identifying the right things to get...


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The Emerson Suite is a powerful leader-directed and employee-driven team optimization platform. The cloud-based system was developed by Reddin Global, a Canadian technology startup in Oakville, Ontario. The methodology behind the team management system helps leaders optimize team performance by instilling the right effectiveness disciplines to develop effective Leader-Managers of today and tomorrow. For over 40 years, the proven methodology behind The Emerson Suite has been helping leader-managers in more than 200 companies, from Fortune 500 to privately owned, across five continents, and in virtually every industry.